Blog Update

My First Day Cover cachet for the Shark stamps issued at the Newport Aquarium on July 26, 2017.

                Hello!  It’s been almost two years since my last official blog post, so I wanted to give an update on my philatelic activities since then. Continue reading


Hello, and welcome to Philately Things.  My name is CJ, and I’ve been working as a philatelic researcher and stamp collection curator for over four years.  I’ve made this blog as a way to share my interest in postal history.

With thousands of stamps created for over hundreds of years, stamp collecting can be an intimidating hobby.  I hope to be a casual, fun resource to spark your interest!

Feel free to leave an ask with any philatelic questions or suggestions for post topics.  I have access to a large personal library of philatelic material and stamp collection, and I’m eager to help you find information if I can.