Blog Update

My First Day Cover cachet for the Shark stamps issued at the Newport Aquarium on July 26, 2017.

                Hello!  It’s been almost two years since my last official blog post, so I wanted to give an update on my philatelic activities since then.

$1 Rosewater Essay – a wash concept drawing for the 1898 Trans-Mississippi issue.

                In 2016 I started a large project researching the development of the 1898 Tran-Mississippi stamp issue.  This project involved digging into newspaper archives and Omaha World’s Fair documents to expand on our known history of the stamp’s development.  The end result of this research was a ten frame non-competitive exhibit titled “Changing the Subject”.  It premiered at the 2016 IndyPex Stamp Show.

                The entirety of this exhibit can be download at the exhibit website.  The exhibit website also contains additional information that was accessed through QR codes within the exhibit.

                “Changing the Subject” was invited to the Court of Honor at the 2017 APS StampShow in Richmond Virginia, which I attended.  (The exhibit shown at Richmond was a modified nine frame exhibit.)

A rare overprinted Hale & Co. stamp from the Farrell Collection.

                I wrote an article on Hale & Co. local stamps for The Penny Post, the Carriers and Locals Society journal.  This article “Hale & Co. Overprinted Stamps – New Discovery” appeared in Vol 25, No 2 (whole number 100).

                I also researched, wrote and designed an exhibit on the 1893 Columbian Exposition Issue, which premiered at the 2017 IndyPex Stamp Show.  This competitive exhibit won a Large Gold and Grand Champion awards for the owner of the material.  It will show in the Champion of Champions competition at the 2018 APS StampShow in August.

                The entirety of that exhibit can be downloaded at its exhibit webpage, which also includes a supplementary video explaining the use of ferrotypes to design stamps.

A “Beardless Lincoln” revenue stamp essay, from the Farrell Collection.

                I am currently preparing material on the Trans-Mississippi stamps for a new, competitive exhibit in May.  I have also built a single frame exhibit on National Bank Note Company revenue stamp essays that will exhibit in March.

                I also took time in 2017 to create an etsy store for my artwork, including first day covers and post cards.

                I also started a #philatelythings twitter for short observations during my research, and for photos of items in the collections I work with.

               Thank you for enjoying stamp collecting with me!

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